Created by MrBozo


You assume the role of a Security Officer in one of two rival corporations.


Each company begins a game with 3 scientists. As a Security Officer, it is your duty to defend them and let them work in peace.


Recruit more scientists by breaking into your rival''s laboratories, knocking a scientist out with your briefcase, and carrying him back to your administrator.


Your scientists earn money for your company. A game lasts 30 minutes, the company with the most cash at the end wins the game.


Your scientists research new weapons, implants and armor upgrades for you. Remember to vote for what you want them to research next (default key is V).


Watch the number of scientists your company employs carefully. Anything below 3 is bad: recruit more! Anything above 3 is good: protect them!

Tutorial hints

Tutorial hints are displayed to help you understand the game: take the time to read them. Once you feel you know enough, disable them in the Options.

Want to know more?

Now you should know the basics of the game. If you want to know more, you can browse through the Manual, the Techtree and the Advanced Guide.