VERSION 1.3 BETA 5 (May 6th, 2016)

Instructions (read this, we beg you)

  • NOTE: You will need to install and run Half-Life before installing and running Science and Industry to have it work properly.
  • Copy and paste your current si folder, and name it si_backup or whatever your heart desires.
  • Install Science and Industry into your Half-Life directory. Typically this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life.

1.3 BETA 5 Notes

  • Map updates:
    • si_bavaria: Made labs a bit easier to defend, improved the conveyer belts, lots of improvements to FPS
    • si_hrim: A very good new map by grome!
    • si_late: A different take on si_early, with changes to make gameplay faster and more interesting Unfinished: Lights are placeholders to be revised, don’t cry!
  • Fullbright radios
  • EMP kill icon
  • LCS: dead players are shown with colorized names, instead of adding *dead*
  • Healthkits and Armor Batteries give 25 hp / 25 armor respectively
  • Removed the enemy mindray research reveal mechanic
  • Revised the weapon switching mechanics:
    • If you hold +attack or +attack2 while selecting a weapon, you must release it before you can fire again
    • Prevents issues like:
      • Double shotgun > draw tommygun > accidentally zoom in
      • Holding tau charge > draw tommygun > start firing tommygun
  • Fixed superjump head sliding
  • Fixed Tau ‘wall bleeding’ on nukes
  • Tau can no longer pierce/nuke the sky
  • Disabled Ocular Implants. Zoom is available by default, and there are no ranged damage upgrades.
  • Removed the saytext sound.
  • GI secondary fire pushes from lower than before (things fly away more upward )
  • Removed cl_effects_fev_cloud_density
  • Made consistency checking more strict: always checks all player and projectile model
  • Reduced FEV secondary adrenaline time to 6 seconds (from 18)
  • New cvars for weapon switching:
    • cl_altweapon_backup : set to 1 so you can equip an alt weapon without pushing +altweapon
    • cl_altweapon_cycling : set to 1 to enable cycling between a weapon and its alt without pushing +altweapon

1.3 BETA 4 Notes

  • Shotgun
    • Lots of changes under the hood to prevent crashing
    • Blood is one splatter per shot (size indicates damage)
    • Planning to update this later to look more shotgun-like
  • Can use %h and %a to say health and armour values (as well as %H and %A like before)
  • Added hud_carryinfo_x and hud_carryinfo_y to adjust the “scientist carried” icon
  • Fixed spawn invulnerability so that it actually works!
  • Added hitbeeps when you deal damage to enemy players
    • Controlled with cl_hitbeep_volume and cl_hitbeep_pitchshift
  • Tommygun
    • Instant deploy added back
    • 15 damage per hit
  • Crossbow
    • Explosion on missed shots removed
    • Adjusted to behave like the pistol (even has a tracer!)
  • Radios
    • Scientists run to radios much more often than before
  • Player spawns are randomized
  • Map updates
    • si_mill
      • Both labs are mirrored except for textures
      • Breakables are always open
        • Respawn time is 3 minutes
        • Worth $3000 each
        • 1200 health each
      • Midfield is a bit more fun and exciting
    • si_canyonero
      • Fixed both teams doors being linked
      • Added a ladder from bottom lab warehouse to top lab warehouse
      • Changed spawn doors to have different open/close sounds than the lab entrance door
      • Made sewer pipes have a flat floor for scientists to fall on and not get stuck
    • si_welp
      • Re-scaled map down to about 75% original size
      • Spawns are now on 2nd level of base
      • Removed thin wall in bottom labs entrance
      • You have to swim in the water now, and water entrances have breakable grates
      • Remade labs to be more inspired by the original well, as well as harder to enter
      • Added respawning medpacks and batteries to some areas of the map

1.3 BETA 3 Notes

  • Shotgun
    • Shotgun heavily revised so that damage is consistent at many ranges
    • Primary fire: shoots 80 pellets, each one does 1 damage (2 for headshot)
      • Pellet spread looks like this:
    • Secondary fire: shoots 160 pellets, each one does 1 damage (2 for headshot)
      • Pellet spread looks like this:
    • With Ocular Implants, the 20% of pellets near the crosshair are fired twice (so you get 96 or 192 pellets)
  • All projectiles now behave consistently in the skybox (they vanish)
  • Colt and Tommygun now fire tracers on every shot
  • Teleport Kit now has instant draw ability
  • Reverted this change: If you hold +attack or +attack2 while changing weapons, you must push it again to fire

1.3 BETA 2 Notes


  • Shotgun
    • Smaller, circular spreads
    • Now properly hits at longer distances

Trying to make this gun competitive with the Tommygun, without putting either one out of business.

  • Tommygun
    • Damage decreased from 15 to ???
    • Now properly hits at longer distances
  • Crossbow
    • Added back zooming when ocular implants are not available
  • Tau Cannon revised:
    • Shots no longer reflect on surfaces
    • Visuals clearly show beams that pierce walls
    • Shots pierce the first wall they hit, up to a thickness of 128 units
    • Shots that pierce a wall also deal damage in an area around where they hit
      • Always happens regardless of the angle
      • This damage ignores line of sight
    • cl_gauss_tapcharge 1 means you click to start charging, click again to fire
      • Default is 0 (hold down +attack to charge, release to fire)
    • Ocular Implants now apply a damage bonus to the Tau Cannon
    • Zooming no longer resets the HUD charge bar

    These changes give the weapon a more focused design. The behaviour of shots (piercing & area damage) will be more consistent and controllable. Players can aim and taujump more easily without needing to hold down the fire button...but they can still hold it down if they want to.


  • Radios & Satchels
    • Can cling to all map geometry (models, func_walls etc)
    • Will bounce off/slide across conveyor belts without clinging
    • Tripmines
      • Can be put on all map geometry (models, func_walls etc) except conveyors

1.3 BETA 1 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Radios and Tripmines getting players stuck
  • Radio station chosen with Secondary Fire is preserved between weapon switches
  • If you hold +attack or +attack2 while changing weapons, you must push it again to fire. For example: you press and hold +attack2 while drawing your tripmines. You will not dismantle your tripmines until you release +attack2 and push it again

General changes

  • Health charger base speed is faster
  • All weapons have infinite ammo in jumpmode
  • Superjump now uses the normal Jump animation (and hitboxes)
  • Re-enabled the clientside glow/blur feature
  • Llama and Employee of the Month player classes removed
    • Replaced with Idle and Team Captain classes
    • Players are marked Idle if they do not push any buttons for more than sv_idletime seconds (default is 10 seconds)
    • Players become the Team Captain if they receive the most votes on their team
      • Click on a teammate’s name on the scoreboard to vote for them
      • Captains have extra research voting weight

This will help us to manage pickup games. Captains can ensure that their team votes for useful research. The scoreboard can show when players are away or idle (so that games are not started prematurely).


  • Shotgun
    • Smoothed out reload animations
    • Primary fire spread is smaller


  • Regen Implants revised
    • Health regen mk1 and mk2 combined into 1 implant
      • 4 health is restored each tick
      • Regen ticks more often when you have more health
      • Research time is 2 minutes
    • Armor regen mk1 and mk2 combined into 1 implant
      • 6 armor is restored each tick
      • Regen ticks more often when you have more armor
      • Research time is 2 minutes
    • Added the Tissue Recycling implant
      • Prerequisite: Health regen or Armor regen
      • Excess health regen points go into armor, and excess armor regen points go into health
      • Research time is 1 minute

The regen implants are now a larger time investment, and have a bigger impact on the game.

Since most damage goes to armor, health will usually finish regenerating long before armor. With Tissue Recycling, the unused health regeneration helps to recover armor more quickly. Recycling is also helpful against special damage sources like FEV and falling (e.g. recycle armor into health when armor is full).


  • Teleport Kit
    • Updated visual effects on teleports, recalls and fizzled grenades
  • Tripmine
    • Fixed beams drawing incorrectly when the mines are out of view
    • Beams now go away as soon as a mine starts to fade
    • Mines no longer deactivate when the beam touches a scientist or another mine

1.2 BETA 19 Notes

Armor and Explosive Damage Revised

  • Armor techs give 50,100,150,200 armor
  • Armor is equal to 1 point of health instead of 2
  • Explosions no longer deal extra damage to armor
  • Damage numbers revised:
    • Rocket Pistol - 140
    • Grenade - 180
    • Satchel - 180
    • EMP primary - 48
    • EMP secondary - 100

Bug fixes

  • Fixed players being able to throw lots of satchels quickly by holding +attack2
  • Fixed tripmines blocking/locking doors

General changes

  • Players can hold +jump in between bunnyhops and continue jumping when they land


  • Removed instant draw from tommygun


  • Players can now walljump off most surfaces (func_walls, players..)
  • Changed walljumping to always push away from the wall slightly, regardless of which way you are aiming
    • This limits how much walljumps can be ‘chained’ to speed up quickly
    • Walljumps can be directed upward or downward (by where you aim)

BETA 18 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed scientist friendly fire so you can’t briefcase and carry your own scientists
  • Radios and Satchels lie flat when they stick to walls

General changes

  • Resources always use their ‘returntime’ to respawn (fixes issues with si_green, si_mercato..)
  • Made Scientists much more responsive when giving needles or running to objectives
  • Added hud_location_x and hud_location_y to position the location HUD element
  • Tau beams grow larger with more charge
  • GI battery takes longer to recharge


  • si_metropolis: Moved spawns out of the tubes
  • si_spa: Fixed issues with the cog
  • si_urban: disabled breakables entirely andreverted the forcefield to a switch, made a pass on adjusting lighting bugs
  • si_daybreak: scientists only spawn in the inner section of the lab, but can be repositioned with radios
  • si_bavaria: pipe route removed, close end of lab revised, spawn pickups pushed to edges of the room


  • Radios are now thrown like satchels
  • Radios restore friendly scientist efficiency and reduce enemy scientist efficiency
  • Scientists naturally run toward nearby radios
  • Friendly radios switch to nicer music when scientists are close by, which increases efficiency slowly over time
  • Radios last for 30 seconds before fizzling out
  • Players can have 1/2/3 active radios depending on the ammo tech level

BETA 17 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with the tau cannon reflecting/wallbanging.
  • Fixed issues with mcl.cfg and afd.cfg not always executing correctly.

General changes

  • scientists are affected by friendly fire
  • improved scientist spawn randomization
  • ammo boxes and guns in spawn now give all unlocked guns/ammo
  • capturing guns at the administrator now gives money instead of free research time

Experimental server commands:

  • freeradios 1 allows players to put radios anywhere
    • They only disturb scientists nearby, but they can annoy people wherever they are!
  • scientistresources 1 changes resources on the map as follows:
    • first spawn is 5 minutes after the game start
    • respawn time is 5 minutes
    • when captured, your team gets a new scientist
    • resource model changes to be the embryo can
    • Mainly interested in testing this on si_green, si_overtime etc.

Added the +altweapon command:

  • Each weapon key can draw the main or alternate weapon (if you hold down +altweapon)
  • If you have the alternate gun but not the main gun, pushing the key without +altweapon will still work
  • Default setup is below (but you can customize it as you wish)
  • You only need to bind keys to the commands in red
weapon_briefcase cl_alt_colt
weapon_colt cl_alt_briefcase
weapon_tommygun cl_alt_shotgun
weapon_shotgun cl_alt_tommygun
weapon_fleshgrenade cl_alt_handgrenade
weapon_handgrenade cl_alt_fleshgrenade
weapon_gauss cl_alt_crossbow
weapon_crossbow cl_alt_gauss
weapon_mindray cl_alt_transistor
weapon_transistor cl_alt_mindray
weapon_vomit cl_alt_empcannon
weapon_empcannon cl_alt_vomit
weapon_satchel cl_alt_tripmine
weapon_tripmine cl_alt_satchel
weapon_teleportkit cl_alt_cloak
weapon_cloak cl_alt_teleportkit
weapon_rocketpistol cl_alt_rocketpistol


  • New map: si_greenrush. Similar to an early version of si_green but more compact. Also created by Prix.
  • si_green
    • No longer has team resources, just the center
    • Labs no longer have an instant death floor in the middle, instead there is a trigger_push
    • Spawn does not have lower gravity
  • si_spa
    • MCL cog now properly assigned to MCL


  • Raised Tommygun fire rate and damage per hit: 15 damage per hit, 12 rounds per second. Up from 12 damage per hit, 10 rounds per second.
  • Tommygun secondary fire now zooms if you have ocular implants


  • Satchels now throw farther
  • Satchels have team-coloured models
  • Tripmines have team-coloured models with the same shape
  • Tripmines now deactivate when their owners die
  • tripmine beams are brighter

BETA 16 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where FEV would not wear off correctly.
  • Fixed issues with the teleport kit recall view angle.

General changes

New HUD:

  • everything is positioned using x, y, width, and height console commands
  • all the commands use screen width/height % values
  • ex. “hud_timeleft_x 50” puts the game time at the middle of the screen width (50%)
  • hud_teampanel_screen 0 will show the teampanel on the main hud screen
  • hud_teampanel_screen 1 will show the teampanel on the +showmap screen
  • +showmap always hides the main hud when it is active
  • hud_overview 1 draws the minimap on the main hud


  • Grenades, FEV, satchels and teleport grenades throw toward where you are looking, and take on some of your speed.
  • Radios, Tripmines and Cloak also have ‘instant use’ when you select them.
  • Tau Cannon now reflects on surfaces again (when it doesn’t explode).
  • Changed rocket pistol ammo counts: 6 with no ammo tech, 8 with ammo mk1, 10 with ammo mk2.



Satchels redesigned:

  • Satchels stick to the first wall they touch
  • Satchels can only be detonated when they are stuck to a wall
  • Satchels can be instantly thrown/detonated when you select them
  • Ammo regeneration is faster

BETA 15 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Reduced motd max length to prevent issues with joining.
  • Fixed issues with non-ASCII characters in chat and player names crashing the client/server.

General changes

  • Briefcase hitbox is now consistent (always straight ahead of where you aim).
  • Reduced scientist flinch time.
  • Added support for custom damage types on breakables (mappers, ask us for details if you are interested!).
  • Scientists automatically administer needles to teammates (with health/armor regen researched).


  • Rocket pistol no longer needs to reload.
  • Max ammo across all levels of Ammo regen is 10.
TAU DIFFUSOR (NOT the tau cannon/gauss gun)
  • Removed from the game.


  • Removed Mindray secondary healing ability.
  • New Mindray secondary fire: area-effect efficiency (boost friendly scientists, disrupt enemy ones), uses all available charge.
  • EMP primary fire will destroy radios/tripmines/satchels nearby on hit
  • Teleport grenades fizzle if they do not hit anything.
  • Teleport grenades can be destroyed before they go off.

Process Upgrades

  • Removed the salvage bonus from Manufacturing Process Upgrade.
  • Manufacturing reduces player spawn time from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Cloning reduces player spawn time from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

BETA 14 Notes

This week, we have added 2 new techs to the game. The first is a cross between the tommygun and the tau cannon. The second is a device that can be used to teleport yourself or both you and your opponent.

Both new techs have placeholders for the models. They will be updated when we have new models ready.

We made lots of changes to simplify the ‘money’ part of the game and fix bugs in it.

We also fixed the issue which required people to install 1.1 before 1.2. Please remove your existing S&I installation, and unpack the new “Full Download”. If you want to keep your settings, make a backup of si/config.cfg and your si/userconfig.cfg and replace it after you install.

Bug fixes

  • Disabled the clientside glow/blur feature:
    • Fixes installation issues with the Cg DLLs.
    • To be fixed and updated later.

General changes

  • Made scientist unconscious time consistent:
    • 25 seconds at game start.
    • 20 seconds with coffee.
    • 18 seconds with manufacturing.
    • 16 seconds with cloning.
  • Tau Cannon no longer reflects on surfaces.
  • Removed speed penalties from armor techs.
  • Ocular Implants damage boost applies to the shotgun.
  • Changes to the money system:
    • Player spawn cost is 500 and never changes with research.
    • No base cash per second: must have scientists working to make money.
    • Breakables charge money when they break.
    • Process techs do not change the money per scientist.
    • Coffee does not reduce scientists’ efficiency growth.

New Weapon: Tau Diffusor

  • Requires grenades or FEV to start research.
  • Uses the same ammo as the Tau Cannon.
  • Primary fire rapidly shoots low-damage tau beams.
  • Secondary fire zooms if Ocular Implants are researched.
  • Beams can reflect up to 3 times off surfaces.

New Device: Teleport Kit

  • Requires mindray, EMP or GI to start research.
  • Primary fire throws Teleport Grenades.
    • When these go off, you switch places with a nearby enemy.
    • If no enemies were nearby, nothing happens.
  • Secondary fire spends ammo to mark the location.
    • Secondary fire again recalls to the marked location.
    • Recalling redirects your speed.
  • Scientists and Resources are dropped when starting a teleport.


  • Testing a new idea: hitscan tripmines
    • si_hitscantripmines 1 turns this on.
    • With this enabled, mines never explode.
    • When someone breaks the beam, the mine shoots them for 140 damage and vanishes.

BETA 13 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to deactivate tripmines they don’t own.
  • Fixed a bug where the colt could fire fake clientside bullets while it’s empty.
  • Changed dead player bodies to always be ‘not solid’ (so they won’t block shots).
  • Rockets use the same glow sprite but do not cast light (fixes framerate drops).

General changes

  • Made scientist +use healing more responsive.
  • Updated text in popup hints and research descriptions.
  • si_scicarryspeed svar added, can split up what it affects: set it to 1 to restrict gauss, 2 to restrict superjump, 3 for both, 0 for neither.
  • Added the ‘showspawns’ svar. Set this to 1 to see scientist and player spawns (useful for testing, requires a map change).
  • Added unique ammo sprites for GI, Cloak, Mindray, EMP, Rocketpistol.
  • The HUD is now hidden while +showmap is turned on.
    • This can be disabled by setting ‘hud_overview_hides_hud 0’ (default is 1).
    • There is an old cvar hud_overview_full_hides_teampanel that you can set to 1 if you want the teampanel hidden.
  • Money is gained by the number of scientists up and working (not by the number your company has in total).
  • Cloning research time raised from 1.5 to 2 minutes.
  • Manufacturing research time reduced from 2 to 1.5 minutes.
  • Health and Armor regen mk2 now have extra ramp-up as you get closer to full health/armor.


  • FEV throws straighter and faster.
  • FEV falls out of dying players’ hands like grenades.
  • Reduced the strength of Adrenaline’s FEV infection.


  • Radios do not fade out and vanish over time.
  • Made GI primary shockwaves travel 30% less distance.
  • GI regenerates ammo the same as EMP.
  • GI primary fire waves hit more often but shove less.
  • Added the ‘giboxsize’ svar.
  • Removed the rocket model on GI primary waves.
    • Default is 0.5 (so the GI primary wave has a hitbox with radius 0.5 times the secondary wave size).
  • Tripmine minimum setup time raised to 1 second.
  • Tripmines explode sooner when the beam is broken.

BETA 12 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which showed ‘efficiency -1’ on enemy scientist.

General changes

  • Reduced the delay between research finishing and starting the next tech from 20 seconds down to 5 seconds. This gives about 5 minutes more tech in a typical game!
  • si_green now has a minimap and locations
  • New default crosshair, a white dot with black outline. More options to come soon.


  • si_green now has a minimap and locations

Research time changes

  • Armor regen mk1: 1.75 minutes changed to 1 minute.
  • Armor regen mk2: 1 minute changed to 1.75 minutes.
  • Ammo regen mk1: 1.5 minutes changed to 1.25 minutes.
  • Ammo regen mk2: 1.25 minutes changed to 1.5 minutes.


  • Legs mk.2 reduces fall damage by 50%, up from 20%.


  • Mindray consumes ammo twice as fast, but raises scientist efficiency twice as fast.
  • Does not push Administrators, working Scientists, or Resources
  • Primary fire creates mines from any distance (more distance, more setup time).
  • Mines killed during setup vanish with no explosion.
  • Secondary fire: deactivate all tripmines and return them to your pocket!
  • Mines fade out faster on deactivation.

BETA 11 Notes

Bug fixes

  • si_overfloater: fixed ammo boxes in the spawn being 'inaccessible'.
  • si_satur9_r5: fixed ammo boxes being in the wrong spawns!
  • Scientists now get health properly from bionics and exoskeleton (+25, +25).

General changes

  • Reduced the delay between research finishing and starting the next tech from 20 seconds down to 5 seconds. This gives about 5 minutes more tech in a typical game!
  • si_green now has proper location and minimap support.


  • Primary fire shoots a directed, fast moving shockwave.
  • Secondary fire makes a sphere shockwave around the player.
  • Both attacks use all available charge, more charge makes a bigger wave!
  • Shockwaves pass through walls.
  • Shockwaves cause knockback and vomiting on players.
  • Vomiting does not affect player movement.
  • Shockwaves remove EMP/FEV/Adrenaline effects.
  • Shockwaves push grenades, rockets, satchels, thrown scientists and more!

BETA 10 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where other people firing tau would reset the overcharge bar.
  • Fixed an issue where you could try to zoom if you have exoskeleton but not ocular implants.

General changes

  • Removed Cloning tech health charger bonus.
  • Added a health charger bonus to Bionics and Exoskeleton.
  • Added armor charger bonuses to both armor regen techs.

BETA 9 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Admin sprites to show up on the minimap.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by typing too much into a chat message. This was still a problem, in the year 2015.
  • Updated si_spa to fix spawning in the void.
  • Updated si_bavaria: improved rspeeds, disabled the breakable for testing.

General changes

  • Removed scientist hire cost on death.
  • Changed how we charge money for player deaths (might fix some issues).
  • Added the ‘endmatch’ command.
  • Made scientist spawns more random.
  • Made scientist healing (+use needles) much more responsive.


  • Tau does not auto-release when out of ammo during a charge. With ammo regen, you will keep charging as it regenerates.

BETA 8 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Tripmines detonate on players again.
  • Fixed mindray mode toggling.
  • Fixed player models being stuck dark occasionally.
  • si_mtg: fixed walking in gaps beside servers in the lab.

General changes

  • Removed resource time limits.
  • Spawn protection always shown while active.
  • Resources that used to give research just give money now.
  • Removed viewpunch on firing weapons, falling and superjumping.
  • Small change to how companies pay to rehire dead scientists.
  • Viewmodels for colt, bow, EMP, gauss xyz position adjusted.


  • Rocket Pistol secondary fire has a sharper arc.
  • Rocket hitbox adjusted to 4x4x4 units.


Adjusted the implant tech tree into two tiers instead of 3:

  • Tier 1: regen, bionics, ammo, legs, oculars
  • Tier 2: regen2, exo, ammo2, legs2, superjump
  • Superjump no longer disabled while carrying a resource.


  • Removed friendly radios.
  • Removed radio toggling (secondary fire changes stations like before).
  • Now uses battery ammo.
  • EMP pulse and grenade hitboxes adjusted to 4x4x4 units.

BETA 7 Notes


  • Reduced shotgun secondary spread width a bit more.
  • FEV cloud sprites last 2 seconds, down from 4. This matches how long a cloud can infect for.
  • Rockets now have a smaller version of the RPG flare from Half-Life. It uses animglow01.spr if you want to use your own to customize it.


  • Ammo regenerates while firing.
    • Does not regenerate for actively-used battery powered devices.


  • Radio secondary fire: toggles radios on/off for the owner (newly placed radios take the same toggle state as placed ones).
  • Radios do not fade away over time (you must find and remove them!).
  • Friendly radios now make sound and do not mask scientist sounds.
  • The sound of each radio is chosen at random.
  • Mindray secondary fire added: heals teammates, spends battery twice as fast.
  • Satchel damage raised from 120 to 140.
  • Tripmine damage reduced from 160 to 140.

BETA 6 Notes

General changes

  • All guns will now fire underwater.
  • cl_models_afd and cl_models_mcl have been reworked. You can select any model to be forced, not just the ones limited to your team. You can use the mcl.cfg and afd.cfg files to setup the models you want to force per team, AKA Always Be Fighting Butch.
    1. Vinnie
    2. Charlie
    3. Butch
    4. Yvan (does not display afd skin currently)
    5. Low Poly Vinnie
    6. Low Poly Butch


  • Increased Tommygun reserve ammo by 25 at each ammo level to match shotgun ammo. 75, 125, and 175 per ammo level.
  • Higher damage per tic.
  • Damage not reduced if standing still.
  • Coughing happens more frequently.
  • Restored tau cannon auto-firing when ammo runs out during a charge.

BETA 5 Notes

General changes

  • Removed infection screen fades: white for EMP with oculars, red for starting infections (such as adrenaline), green for FEV damage pulses.
  • Ammo boxes now reload all weapons.

Map changes

  • Adjusted the pipe breakable timing to (hopefully) prevent players from getting stuck in the tubes.
  • The pipe in the labs can now only be broken by the pressure regulator (the breakable), and not by players.
  • Scientists now spawn in the fueling ring area.
  • Added valuable center console breakable in old labs location.
  • Increased the health of all breakables in the labs.
  • Hopefully fixed the breakable bug for real this time.
  • All breakables are on 5 minute respawn timers.
  • The lift now moves constantly without pausing, but also moves equal to the si_laser lift speed. This will hopefully help prevent people from getting stuck on the lift due to the engine lift bug.
  • Dropping the resource due to death will now cause the resource to spawn in 2 minutes, up from 25 seconds. This will match the respawn time if a player captures the resource sucessfully.

BETA 4 Notes

General changes

  • Disabled weapon pickup autoswitch.
  • Removed movement restrictions on Tau jumping and Superjump while carrying a scientist.
  • Players can now drop Resources using briefcase secondary fire, justlike with Scientist throwing. The behavior of throwing a resource is the same as dying with one. This will allow players to pickup a scientist instead if needed.


  • Adjusted Shotgun secondary fire spread pattern (less wide, hopefully more useful)
  • FEV research time returned to 1.5 minutes, same as in 1.1.


  • Health/armour reveal more responsive. Faster to trigger, faster to leave when you aim away.


  • EMP Infection brightness reduced.
  • Added Tripmine secondary fire: quietly removes all your placed mines.
  • Scientists no longer set off tripmines.

BETA 3 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Removed wallsliding mechanic (fixes issues with the si_daybreak vent tau jump).

General changes

  • Removed the llamafilter.
  • Removed /me say command.
  • All research is now unlocked in LCS mode.


  • Fixed jittery FEV viewmodel animations.
  • Fixed issues with cl_gauss_swap_firemodes.
  • Switching away from the tau cannon now unzooms.


  • Revised ammo regen delay system (no more free grenades for switching weapons).


  • EMP now requires full charge to use secondary fire.
  • EMP regeneration rate is back to where it was in the original 1.2 beta.
  • EMP secondary fire always disables all radios/tripmines/satchels in the area.

BETA 2 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect times being put into chat by %t.

General changes

  • Removed viewkick on taking damage.
  • Added cvars to adjust both parts of the reload bar.
    • Format: hud_reloadbar_(r|g|b|a)1 for the reloaded portion, hud_reloadbar_(r|g|b|a)2 for the not-reloaded portion.
    • Type hud_reloadbar and then hit tab in your console :-) to see everything


  • Fixed uneven shotgun pellet spread, raised the number of pellets. Should be more consistent.
  • Removed viewkick on tommygun primary and secondary.
  • Grenade secondary fire uses the reloadbar for a timer.
  • Shortened times to draw and throw FEV.
  • cl_gauss_swap_firemodes can be used to swap mouse1/mouse2 firing and zooming with tau cannon


  • Removed ammo regen startup delay after drawing weapons and devices.
  • Removed ammo regen startup delay after drawing weapons and devices.


  • Radios now show the number currently active on the HUD.
  • Raised the EMP ammo regen rate.
  • Raised EMP infection render brightness.
  • Satchels now show the number currently active on the HUD.
  • Tripmines now show the number currently active on the HUD.

BETA 1 Notes

Bug fixes

  • Raised client-side entity limit (you should no longer need "-num_edicts 4096").
  • Fixed startmatch spawning so players are not telefragged by their teammates.
  • Fixed an issue with accuracy when zooming.
  • Dropped scientists now use the correct skin for their team.
  • Fixed an issue with viewheight offsets. Gauss and other weapons were not hitting at the center.
  • Bionics and Exoskeleton now correctly increase player speed when carrying a scientist.
  • Scientists can no longer spawn inside players.

General changes

  • Added reload meter on the HUD (doubles as a grenade timer).
  • Resources that give research time apply it as 'free research' (like at the start of the game). This means they apply to the NEXT tech after you capture, and they overflow through as many techs as they can. No more waiting in the spawn before capturing, and you can use resources without waste on any tech.
  • Brightmodel brightness increased and added as an option for scientists.
  • Added team specific mcl.cfg and afd.cfg that exec when you spawn.
  • Dead players can chat to everyone in LCS mode.
  • Players always spawn with all available items equipped.
  • %t can be used to put timestamps in chat and has been integrated into the command menu. Let your teammates know when you break an enemy computer!
  • Thrown scientists now wake up in the normal time, not 20% faster as in previous versions.
  • Players carrying a scientist will never go slower than the speed they have with 3 scientists hired.
  • Empty guns no longer auto-switch away, which allows players to capture empty weapons.
  • Attacking removes diplomatic immunity (spawn protection).
  • Throwable and placeable items (FEV, radios, grenades, satchels, and tripmines) do not leave the inventory when ammo runs out.

New maps


From Asker's trilogy of maps (si_guppy, si_turf, si_tube), to ThePrix's brilliant si_green, with everything in between. We are rolling out minimap, location and command menu support. Not every map will have this during the beta period.

SI_BAVARIA - by GuyonthecoucH
  • Scientist capture
  • Breakable destruction

Two scenic mountainside breweries face off in this map best suited for 5 vs 5. Originally inspired by the classic Quake 3 CTF map Japanese Castles, si_bavaria has a short distance between bases, but players can use the various routes are present to keep it interesting. It features a breakable which opens up an alternate path into the labs. The computer in each base can be used to change the conveyer belt direction.

SI_CANYON - By Twincannon & GuyonthecoucH
  • Scientist capture
  • Breakable destruction

A large map in a rocket facility featuring circular chambers in each base, multiple levels of action and a sprawling midfield. The rockets have stopped launching, but research into teleportation technology is opening up new avenues of travel.

SI_WELP - By Twincannon
  • Scientist capture

The SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY adaptation of the classic Team Fortress map, Well.

Changes to existing maps

  • Adjusted player spawns to be closer to the ground, preventing the possiblity of players spawning on top of someone and blocking them.
  • Reduced the resource research granted and increased the respawn times.
  • Night time lighting is more natural.
  • Fixed the reactor breakable scripted sequence, in which the radiation damage to players after destroying the reactor would persist after it was repaired.
  • AFD trains are now green inside and out.
  • MCL trains are now blue inside and out.
  • Flipped the team texture of the bottom elevator room to match the team that owns the elevator.
  • Greatly altered the chum toad resource in the midfield. Grants less money and does not give free research, takes longer to respawn off a dead player, and only appears once every 5 minutes.
  • Scientists and projectiles no longer fall through the walkways.
  • Players now spawn outside of the bath tubes. This bypasses the issue of occasionally being trapped inside a stuck spawn, resulting in the tragic drowning of a clone (clown?).
  • Fixed the coffee machine breakable bug.
  • Restored the server room to its original glory of four computers to smash, with a computer controlling the forcefield door.


  • Removed the 2 degree spread. Now has perfect accuracy

Long range fights had a small, but still apparent random element.

  • Removed randomized spread. Replaced with fixed, 100% predictable spread.
  • Increased the number of pellets, reduced the damage per pellet.

We re-used the 'fixed spread' idea that was applied successfully in Warsow, TF2 and other games. The weapon is hopefully now more consistent and more skill-based. The previous version had too few pellets to get a consistent spread, and the randomness had too much of an effect. This is an area which is like to change after feedback (we will tweak the spread pattern). The maximum damage remains the same: 80 for single shot, 160 for double.

  • Now the automatic weapon of choice for both MCL and AFD.
  • Primary fire now has perfect accuracy.
  • Secondary fire implemented: has a large spread and double the fire rate of primary, 20 bullets per second.

In a game where players have so many options for mobility minutes into the game, the accuracy spread made this weapon almost useless. Players with very good aim and positioning will now find this gun rewarding.

The rapid secondary fire has returned. We want it to compete with (but not eclipse) the shotgun for close range fights. Teams will be able to start the game with the tommygun rather than the shotgun, and not suffer tremendously for it.

  • Removed from the game.

Subpar model to the AFD tommygun. It was confusing to have different guns for each team which offer the same gameplay.

  • Reduced ammo.

We want to reduce spam and encourage more restocking trips to the spawn.

  • Removed FOV change during adrenaline (secondary fire).
  • Removed screen shake during adrenaline, still causes view to jump on damage tic.
  • Reduced FEV cloud time.
  • Reduced ammo.
  • Removed FEV permanent damage.
  • Reduced FEV infection growth rate.
  • Research time reduced to 0.75 minutes.

We wanted to make the FEV secondary (adrenaline boost) more useable, and make the primary attack more skill-based and consistent. Its damage has been made less variable. FEV will also research faster, so it can be treated as a 'shortcut' to the tier 3 weapons (since it has less direct power than grenades).

FEV should be used to dissuade the enemy from using a particular route, or as a 'bet' when using adrenaline to carry a scientist or excel in combat.

  • Removed post-fire weapon switch delay.
  • Now reloads bolt-by-bolt, like the shotgun.
  • Self damage reduction for the explosive bolt will no longer apply if you also hit an enemy.

The changes to crossbow are designed to make use of the bow less restricted, both in combat and during long lives. The time to reload 5 bolts remains the same, but a player can partially reload before switching away or firing.

  • Added secondary fire: falling rockets.
  • Self damage reduction for the rocket will no longer apply if you also hit an enemy.

We wanted to add some depth and variety to the rocket pistol, so we returned the secondary fire it had in older versions. We have also raised the skill requirements by removing the self damage reduction if you hit another player. No more point blank shots that are more beneficial to the user!

As an experiment, Secondary fire rockets travel faster than Primary fire rockets in the beta. Let us know what you think!

  • cl_gauss_swap_firemodes can be used to swap mouse1/mouse2 firing and zooming with tau cannon.
  • HUD Charge bar now shows the time before overcharge.
  • Will no longer autofire after running out of ammo.

The Tau Cannon is the best gun in the game, so we mostly made 'quality of life' changes to it. It will probably continue to be enjoyed by all.


  • Increases distance FEV is thrown, as with grenades

We made the throw speed change consistent across both grenade type weapons.

  • Wall jumping keeps horizontal momentum.
  • Wall jumping increases velocity slightly.
  • New research icon for the HUD

The changes to momentum allow players to accelerate with a series of jumps, or walljump from another weaponjump and keep moving fast. Please go fast.

  • Holstered weapons and devices now regenerate ammunition.

We wanted to encourage researching this rare tech in a way that was more than just bigger regen numbers.

  • Boosts sci carry speed like Bionics.
  • Increases throw distance of tossed scientists.
  • Increases velocity of thrown grenades and FEV.
  • Briefcase damage is now increased like Bionics.

We wanted to make this tech a natural progression from Bionics, not just an HP boost.


  • Armor chargers now boosted by this tech.
  • Scientist medkits now give armor if this is researched.

We wanted to improve this tech with something more than bigger numbers, and something that would benefit defenders. Near midfield defenders will have the incentive to make trips back to the spawn as armor chargers fill faster with this researched.

Lab defenders will be able to get some armor back if they hit their use key on a scientist (in addition to the health they receive if regenerative biotechnology is researched). The amount given scales with the scientist's efficiency level. This gives defenders a new task to do between waves of attackers, and rewards good mindraying.


  • New and improved plastic finish for each team, matching AFD green and MCL blue.
  • Players can plant radios in their own labs. These radios act as noise canceling devices, so that scientists do not obscure other sounds while working. Of course, you could also use these to climb a bit if you were feeling silly.
  • Limited the number of placeable radios by ammo tech level (1/2/3).
  • Reduced number of radios carried.
  • Drawing radios is faster.

Defenders now have something to do with the radios they carry. A new activity will be in clearing enemy radios, while keeping your own in place. The sound-muffling mechanic will be useful in quiet situations (to help listen for attackers).

  • Screen tints to your company color when cloak is in use.
  • The intensity of the tint increases with the cloak level.
  • Can toggle between primary and secondary without having to decloak.

We wanted to make cloak not rely on third person to accurately show the player how visible they are. Allowing players to switch between primary and secondary cloak modes will open up new ways to use the device.

  • Mindraying scientists now gives players points.
  • You can now see the other team's current research by mindraying an enemy scientist.
  • Scientists' medkits are tied to efficiency level. Mindray them to get more health and armor!
  • Drawing mindray is faster.

Mindray now gives attackers more incentive to use the device on an enemy scientist. Spying on the opposing company's research may lead to interesting counter research options. Defenders will benefit more from good mindraying when they receive medkits.

  • Raised the EMP ammo regen rate.
  • Raised EMP infection render brightness.
  • Primary fire rate raised.
  • Primary fire splash pushback increased.
  • Changed the ammo type to a regenerating battery (like cloak and mindray).
  • Secondary fire empties the entire battery.
  • Secondary fire requires 50% ammo to fire.
  • Secondary fire shoots farther.

EMP is currently a popular choice for clearing radios, tripmines or satchels. The new primary fire will be able to briefly lock down chokepoints, or move quickly through the map.

The battery ammo type means that the weapon must be used sparingly without the support of ammo regen techs. With those techs researched, it becomes very powerful.

  • Nothing to see here...Yet.

*inconspicuous whistling*

  • Satchels now show the number currently active on the HUD.
  • Number of active satchels is 1/2/3 depending on ammo regen tech level.
  • Number of satchels carried changed to 2/3/4 depending on ammo regen tech level.
  • Primary attack always places satchels.
  • Secondary attack always detonates active satchels.
  • Drawing the detonator is faster.

We wanted to reduce the number of satchels placed in a game. More care needs to be used when placing these. Players may need to resupply more frequently.

However, we also wanted to make satchels more reactive. Needing to waiting with the detonator out was a huge downside, but not anymore!

  • Tripmines now show the number currently active on the HUD.
  • Number of active tripmines is 1/2/3 depending on ammo regen tech level.
  • Number of tripmines carried changed to 2/3/4 depending on ammo regen tech level.

We wanted to reduce the number of tripmines placed in a game. More care needs to be used when placing these. Defenders will have to resupply more frequently.

Process Upgrades

  • Removed the $25,000 bonus for researching this technology.
  • Now increases the research gained from capturing a device or weapon that your company does not have.

We wanted to weaken this process financially, while still having it be useful on any map (even those without any breakables). Keep in mind this tech still increases the money made by each of your scientists, and reduces the time they spend unconscious.


We started work on this patch two and a half years ago, as something to help us stay sane while working at horrible day jobs. Having not yet discovered The Secret or reached OTVIII, we are still wage slaves.. but we almost have SI 1.2 ready for release! For a while, the project probably seemed like a fairytale I brought up whenever people needed some prodding to play in the Sunday gathers. I assure you it's real, and now you can see for yourself.

We set out to overcome some simple issues that were making it hard to run pickup games (custom maps, 'the entity limit crash'). We ended up tweaking most of the techs in the game, fixing a ton of bugs and adding some custom maps. I think it's going to be very good. However, there are a few things that we want your feedback on to make sure we get them right. Pay special attention to the shotgun, tommygun, rocket pistol and EMP cannon. Don't be afraid to tell us what you really think - the last time someone updated SI was 9 years ago and we have all been playing that version since! If this goes well, you can expect more cool updates to come (unless we get bought out and I move to Iceland with the cash).

Keep in mind that this is a first beta release to get feedback. The final release of 1.2 is still to follow. Hopefully it will have a nice installer and some better support for next-gen vomit technology. Maybe by the time we finish it, Smellovision will be available.

Thanks to everyone who contributed code, art assets, playtesting, ideas and all that jazz. Shoutouts to mumblecrew and #sciencecrew. It's really insane to think that people still care about this old game when there are such exciting alternatives as DOTA 2, Diablo 3 and Tropico 4. Please play SI responsibly. Welcome to our science facility.


I can finally say with confidence "not only am I the president...I'm also a client!" and that's really neat! It feels fantastic to give back to a community that I have been a part of for so long, to contribute to something that has been a part of my life for fifteen years. There's an obvious Half-Life joke here since it's literally half of my life, but I'll spare you and hang my head in shame.

This game has been something I have looked forward to playing each week, for the longest time. Sometimes to the dismay of friends and family. But I've met people through this game and they're some of the nicest people I know. Very soon I'll be finally getting to see the world through travel, and I can think of people in several countries that I would love to meet from this wonderful community. I can literally be the guy on the couch.

Anyways, I'm excited to present a joint effort between IE, who has become a dear friend during the development period, a few community members, and myself. This is our first update, and hopefully not our last.

I've finally been able to turn my passion for playing the game, into making the game better. I really can't wait to play bavaria and the rest of the new or lesser played maps.

I can't wait to see this shakes up the formula for the old time crew and entice in a wave of new players. Most of all, I can't wait for sunday.

Thanks to Twincannon for his hard work and map contributions. I guess I owe a Dystopia map! Endless, you've added in several awesome features, you rock! ConfusedJ00, thanks for your work and being an awesome guy to play with from the TF2 iTH days. Smooth, thanks for the absurdly long nights listening to me rant about breakables on urban.